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The main focus of this site is information about dementia, especially, but not exclusively, Alzheimer's Disease. These pages are undergoing continuing development, and there may well be imperfections, inaccuracies, or missing information. Please forgive these, and send a message if you have questions, corrections or details of additional issues which you think need addressing herein, or if you just want to say "G'day".


Feedback and questions:

Comments, questions, or general feedback, will be received gratefully and noted, and, if appropriate, answered as soon as practical. The Laws of Time and Motion mean, however, that immediate responses may not be possible this millenium, and some days might elapse before you hear back concerning a query. Feel free to send a message or ask a question on any topic, but before doing so, please read the following important information ...


Please note: Questions relating to medical topics will be answered if at all possible, but any answers given will tend to be generic in nature and must not be regarded as applying necessarily to the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment or management of any individual person or patient. Those in need of personal medical information should seek advice from their own local medical practitioners.
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personal (checked daily): <alan@micral.com.au>
at work (checked less often): <Alan.McCutcheon@health.wa.gov.au>
Snail mail:
Dr A J McCutcheon
Dept of Community & Geriatric Medicine
Fremantle Hospital
PO Box 480
Fremantle WA 6959
Australia: (08) 9431 2673
International: +61 8 9431 2673
Australia: (08) 9431 2993
International: +61 8 9431 2993

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